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Welcome to Ely College

Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer - Principal

We are delighted to welcome you to Ely College, and very proud to welcome Ely into our Trust.

In joining the Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust, Ely College is joining a successful cluster of local academies with shared values, a track record of success, and a wide network of support and expertise. Students will benefit from the application of our values and our determined approach to ensuring that they reach their full potential. Ely College has many strengths, and we are confident that our proven systems and practices will quickly strengthen those areas that we know need to improve. Ely is a great place to live and a vibrant, supportive community. In partnership with our parents and the wider community, we have every confidence that standards and achievement will continue to rise rapidly, delivering the excellent local school that the city expects and deserves.

Ely College can boast some superb facilities and provides students with a wide range of opportunities for personal and academic development. Our CMAT focus on the pursuit of excellence and achievement for all means that you can be confident your child will be challenged and supported to secure the best possible outcomes. Our new House system and smaller tutor groups will help provide and encourage a number of opportunities for personal development as students work towards securing their PLEDGES (Participation, Leadership, Excellence, Diversity, Giving, Environmental and Service) both in and out of lessons.

I know that you want the best for your child, and as a parent myself I appreciate how important communication and confidence in our systems will be to you. Please be assured that we want to hear your views, and we welcome your input. I look forward to meeting parents, students and members of the community more in the coming weeks and months. I’m excited about our plans, and confident that the improvements we’ve secured in our other schools will soon benefit Ely.

Richard Spencer - Principal