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Etheldreda House

Welcome to Etheldreda House

The end of the year is upon us and I am proud to look back over the last year and the achievements our students have made.  There have been more achievements this term to celebrate.

A number of our Etheldreda students have competed in the junior maths challenge this term achieving either bronze, silver or gold.  Tymek Nieodniczansk and Erin Vanhoutte have qualified for an extra challenge, extremely well done to all involved and keep up the hard work!

I want to briefly tell you about one of our students, Eloise Holgate (year 7), who I feel lives up to the Etheldreda ethos of ‘being the best version of yourself, to always try hard and to have a positive attitude’

Last year, Eloise auditioned for full-time ballet schools for a place in year 7 and was unsuccessful (missing out by the skin of her teeth!), instead of giving up she decided that she had to work harder, to get better so she could go and live her dream.  Not only does she dance every night, but she gets up early every morning to do core conditioning and strengthening work.

In September, her ballet teacher suggested she also did the lessons of the grade above, so she was doing more ballet and hopefully increase the rate of improvement. So she began studying both syllabus simultaneously.  In January, she took her grade 4 ballet exam and in February she did the grade 5 (alongside students in years 9 and 10).  Not only did she get distinctions in both exams she achieved the highest scores in both classes.

In April, she successfully auditioned for an associate programme, which delivers intensive vocational training every other weekend out of Rambert’s studios in Twickenham, London.  So she’ll be doing 7+ hours on Sunday’s next year on top of the 15 hours a week she currently does.

As if this wasn’t enough, she has successfully auditioned for a space in The National Youth Ballet 2018 season.  This is a 10 day, residential summer programme, cumulating in performances in both Birmingham and Sadlers Wells, London. We wish Eloise every success this summer and in her future development in ballet. 


A huge congratulations to Abbie Staines and Wesley Jordan whohave been successful in being chosen to be the new Etheldredahouse leaders for September 2018-July 2019.  They delivered an excellent speech at the presentation awards held at Ely Cathedralon Thursday 5th July about their experiences within the house over the last year.

Attending the presentation evening myself I was one very proud senior tutor hearing so many Etheldreda students being called to receive awards in a variety of subjects.  A massive well done to all.

Lucas Gibbs - Excellence in College Sport

Christopher Atkinson - Excellence in College Sport

Eloise Holgate - Excellence in College Sport and Eric Goodrich Award for Contribution to the House

James Marsh - Excellence in College Sport

Aren Clark - Alf Pope Awards for Business Subjects

Jacob Bell - Eric Goodrich Award for Contribution to the House

Callam Wilbrow - Engineering

Phoebe Wind - Health & Social Care

Holly Tuck - Preparation for Working Life

Alex Brewis - Art, English, French

Katelyn Cross - English

Nola Guy - Geography

Louie Harrison - Design Technology

Thomas Harvey - Engineering

Kelly Howard - Hair & Beauty

Kelly Karam - English

James Marsh - Geography, PE

Kieran Meacham - PE Games

Megan Murfitt - Art, Health & Social Care, RE

William Novick - ICT

Shawn Silk - Drama

Halle Simmonds - Spanish

Megan Smith - Photography

Jess Staines - PE

Abbie Staines - Geography, Spanish, Exceptional Contribution to College Sport

In addition, I took a number of student volunteers to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough School Games Summer Festival where they led a range of activities including, rounders, cricket and Change4Life.  Some of this was working with primary school children, as well as umpiring competitive games between qualifiers for rounders.  The students were fantastic, showing great enthusiasm and leadership skills making a positive contribution to the overall running of the games.

Etheldreda students involved were:

Maisie Grey

Makenzie Hanslip

Phoebe Wind

Ellie Watson

Ellouisa Bennet

Kieran Meacham

Jordan Blunt

Lucas Gibbs

Edward Suswain

Jack Winters

Abbie Staines

Jess Staines

Emily McLeish

Livy Wilber

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support over this academic year, it is so critical that we all work together as a team to ensure that each student is able to fulfil their potential.  From all of us in Etheldreda house, we wish you all a lovely summer break and look forward to welcoming you back in September.


Mrs S Goodey

Assistant Principal – Etheldreda

Miss Gemma Bays

Senior Tutor – Etheldreda​​​​​​

Mrs J Winters

Student Support Assistant – Etheldreda


     Saint Etheldreda – An East Anglian princess. Married for political reasons to the     King of Northumberland, she preferred a religious life.
She founded a monastery at Ely in 673, and was its first Abbess.
Her shrine at the Cathedral was a pilgrimage site for centuries.

Key Contacts for Etheldreda House

House Office call: 01353 652873

House email:

Student Support Assistant – Jean Winters

Senior Tutor – Gemma Bays

Assistant Principal – Sarah Goodey

Curriculum Leader PE – Jason Coe

Subject Leader Art – Lisa Edwards

Curriculum Leader Technology – Victoria Collins

Subject Leader ICT – Toyin Adegoke