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Turing House

Welcome to Turing House.

It seems such a short time ago that the last news sheet was being put together and here we are again. If staff think that time is going quickly, then we can only imagine how it feels for the year 11s who, this week, have begun interviews at their chosen sixth forms. Sam Haworth, the Turing Assistant Principal, has already begun to meet with the Primaries to discuss the transition of year 6 students to Ely… and so the cycle begins again.

PLEDGES Day - Our last PLEDGES Day was another successful one. Year groups undertook work with teachers, uniformed services and other outside speakers. Students find it a welcome change of routine to work with different peer groups and staff; a collapsed timetable day stretches all of us to think outside the boxes we often confine ourselves to. The nature of the subjects we touch upon falls within the remit of what has previously been labelled PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) and can raise some difficult issues for some students. If you know a young person who would benefit from talking over any issues you could direct them to a recommended online counselling service called ‘Kooth’ which is confidential, free of charge and has qualified counsellors available when it is most convenient for young people to be online.

Bronze and Silver Awards - It is a rare thing to find people in the world who are keen to work but not get paid for it yet still we find students who have fulfilled the criteria for PLEDGE Awards who are not claiming their due. It is clear that many students have done everything they need but are not filling in their booklets. The achievement of PLEDGES can be as important a part of an interview as the academic grades reached and can, of course, be the icing on the cake when two candidates have the same qualification. Please encourage our Turing young people to get their booklets completed so that they can be awarded the certificates and badges. There is already a student in another House who has her gold award!

There are plans afoot for T-NBU and T-SDE to undertake a project which will propel some of the students towards badges. Watch this space!

Turing Heroes: James Hamit - While the rest of us were working on keeping warm, on 16th December, James Hamit, a year 11 Turing student, undertook a fund raising bike ride for an incredible 11 hours and 12 minutes! He, along with five others, managed to hit their £1000 target for the charity Little Miracles. It was, in James’ words a ‘horrible groggy day with some drizzle’. Nevertheless, the intrepid team met at Ely Cathedral, rode all the way to The Green at Hunstanton and then back to the Cathedral. He was, he said, ‘absolutely exhausted’. A huge well done to James.

Kirk Stamford - Kirk, another year 11 Turing student, continues to be successful in his hobby of sailing. This year he won no fewer than 7 sailing trophies and the Topper National Open at Ely Sailing Club. He was originally tempted in to the sport by his brother and now owns his own dinghy. He says that, in the summer, he can spend up to four evenings a week at the Club. Winter is a closed season but he is part of the committee so is still kept busy.

Asked how others can become involved, Kirk suggests that prospective sailors should go to the Ely Sailing Club website. Although he clearly has a talent, Kirk wants his love to remain a hobby; he has no interest in becoming an Olympic champion. Asked what he wants to pursue as a career, Kirk has no hesitation in acknowledging that he wishes to be a farm manager. We wish him well!

Turing Statistics - Here are three of the statistics we are most proud of:
1. Turing currently have the most PLEDGES points – over 10,000 since September
2. Turing are the most punctual house – fewest BP for lateness
3. Turing have the best behaved year 7s in the school – fewest BPs, fewest detentions.


Mrs S Haworth

Assistant Principal – Turing

Ms S Branch

Senior Tutor – Turing

Mrs L Youtzy

Student Support Assistant – Turing


Alan Turing – A mathematician, cryptanalyst, and early computer scientist.
                He worked at Bletchley Park during the Second World War, cracking         the Nazi ‘Enigma’ codes.
He also did pioneering work in computer science and artificial intelligence, helping to design the first computers.


Key Contacts for Turing House

House Office call: 01353 652876

House Email:

Student Support Assistant – Louise Youtzy

Senior Tutor – Sheila Branch

Assistant Principal – Samantha Haworth

Curriculum Leader English – Emma Bentley

Curriculum Leader Maths – Sarah Denney