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Going for Gold!
One of the most important things about our newsletter is that it gives us the
opportunity to celebrate some of the wonderful achievements of our students. This
week I was lucky enough to spend time with Sophie Norman, Lucy Francis, Seth
Meek, Christopher Cutforth and Henry Olley.  These students all share one common
factor: they have all achieved their Gold PLEDGES award.   They have many things to
be proud of, this award is only one of them.  I wanted to hear from them how they
had found the PLEDGES process from start to finish and what they could share with
others who are also hoping to achieve their award this year.

They weren’t afraid to admit that starting the award felt a little overwhelming and they
were a little unsure of exactly what it would all entail. It was fantastic to hear that they
all shared a real sense of achievement upon the completion of each PLEDGE, and
each badge.  If I am honest I think we all felt a little unsure of exactly what it would
entail when we started it but it has certainly led to some of our most thoughtful and
inspiring achievements.

Sophie’s Highlights:

The Environment PLEDGE was a real challenge! It was great in some ways as we did
this as a Form and put together a recycling scheme over a whole term.  We collected
the paper waste from all the science classrooms and it really made me stop and think
about how much paper we use.  I loved the Leadership PLEDGE, working as a Sports
Leader at the primary school games event gave me a real sense of pride.

Lucy’s Highlights:

I found the Service PLEDGE quite tricky to be honest but my work for the Student Council meant that I achieved it which was good. I really enjoyed working on my Giving PLEDGE, I love dance and worked 1-1 with a younger student who needed support in her lessons to enable her to achieve her full potential.

Seth’s Highlights:

A memorable moment was dressing up as a Panda for an assembly about Fairtrade! The most enjoyable part of it for me was working on The Environment PLEDGE. I did this through gardening club... although I have seen enough brambles to last a lifetime!!

Christopher’s Highlights:

Taking part in the school play was a lot of fun and it was surprising how much leadership came into it. I really enjoyed working as part of a team to achieve something that would be impossible to do on your own.

Henry’s Highlights:

My most challenging PLEDGE was the environment. Designing a sculpture definitely took me out of my comfort zone and it was good to feel proud of something I wouldn’t usually do. Working as a Sports Leader and helping host the Primary school games was great. It was lovely to go back and see how far I’d progressed. I remember taking part in the Primary school games myself, so that was good.

Something that all of them agreed on was that their next steps would be looking to help others achieve their gold awards and a suggestion that perhaps a Platinum award should be on the cards!

If any of you have any queries or questions about the PLEDGES process please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the House office where we will be pleased to help and hear about your children’s achievements.

Best wishes - The Franklin Team.


Mr S. Craven

Assistant Principal – Franklin

Mrs C Price

Student Support Assistant - Franklin

Ms L Anderson

Senior Tutor – Franklin


           Rosalind Franklin – A scientist who did research into the molecular          structure of DNA and viruses.
She worked at laboratories in Cambridge, London and Paris.
Her X-ray diffraction images were vital to the discovery of DNA and our modern understanding of genetics.

Key Contacts for Franklin House

House Office call: 01353 652874

House Email:

Student Support Assistant – Caroline Price

Senior Tutor – Lynn Anderson

Assistant Principal - Sam Craven

Curriculum Leader Science – Sam Manning

Curriculum Leader Languages – Nicole Deegan